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Alma  Animal  Hospital

Boarding Rates

Cat                               $13.00 per day
Dog 0–25 lbs               $13.00 per day
Dog 26–50 lbs             $15.00 per day
Dog 51–100 lbs           $17.00 per day
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $19.00 per day
Medication fee                            $3.00

Cat                               $21.00 per night
Dog 0–25 lbs               $23.00 per night
Dog 26–50 lbs             $25.00 per night
Dog 51–100 lbs           $27.00 per night
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $29.00 per night
Medication fee                             $3.00

Boarding Diet Fee

At Alma Animal Hospital, we want your pets to feel at home. Our friendly staff members are here to meet your pet’s boarding needs, including weekends and holidays.  Our boarding guests are walked four times daily with a large yard to roam in, and are provided with comfortable bedding for rest and relaxation within their own private run.  Because we are a smaller facility, the atmosphere is cozy and quieter. Our feline guests can enjoy boarding in a separate area from the dogs.  The trained staff at Alma will ensure your pets receive any necessary medications, and with our facility connected to the hospital, a Veterinarian is available during business hours in case of an emergency.  In order to reduce the spread of airborne viruses, our boarding facility also has separate heating and A/C unit from the hospital.  Additionally, we offer bathing and grooming services.

Leaving a dog or cat behind can be a stressful occasion for any pet owner. Alma Animal Hospital aims to reduce any boarding fears while offering your pet the best care and individual attention. Please visit our boarding page which has more info along with some frequently asked boarding questions.

Cat                               $1.00  per night
Dog 0–25 lbs               $1.00  per night
Dog 26–50 lbs             $1.50  per night
Dog 51–100 lbs           $2.00 per night
Dog 100 lbs & Up       $2.50 per night

Day Boarding Rates